My PRS Silver Sky has a new home

I’ve always believed that the best guitars should have their own journey. To go from the hands of one player to the hands of another, regardless of skill level. They’re to be shared and enjoyed. Whether or not others agree with me doesn’t matter. The amazing guitars that have come and gone from my life is what matters to me. I like to experience them, make music with them and then send them on they’re way. I recently let my PRS Silver Sky take its next step on its journey. It went to my friend Jim Elbin and these are the words he used to describe the passing of this beautiful instrument from one guitarist to another.

“One of my guitar heroes, mentors, and teachers reached out with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Tommy pushed me to move from being a guitar player to working towards being a guitarist. His teaching has helped me get over plateaus in learning and to take on different styles of guitar. This instrument is going to be the next step in my growth as a guitarist and is the perfect counterpoint to my Les Paul. I only have a few hours in with this beauty, but it is an amazing instrument in look, feel, tone, and playability. It was great catching up with you Tommy and hopefully my trips to Boise will line up to come see you play! THANK YOU!”
~ Jim Elbin

PRS Silver Sky. The life and times of a magnificent instrument.
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