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  1. Lora Fedak says:

    Tommy’s passion for God speaks through his guitar and goes straight to your heart. He has mastered the instrument, I’ve known him for over 20 years and he still amazes me how he connects with the musicians he plays with and the individuals who are worshiping God along with him.

  2. tyler says:

    Whoa someone has a website. Your cool. 🙂

  3. tyler says:

    I’m just teasing. But seriously its called Facebook. 😛

  4. Heather says:

    I’ve served on a worship team with Tommy for over 8 years and appreciate his drive for excellence in every note and musical arrangement. His heart for worship for an audience of 1 is a great example of his testimony of faith, intent, and purpose. Simply put, Tommy doesn’t settle for second best when it comes to serving Jesus Christ on the stage.

  5. Bruce Brownell says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve heard this guy play with GENERATIONS. He is FANTASTIC! He can play the snot out of that guitar. I am an old music teacher from Portland and an ex-rock-and-roller. If you need a guitarist, he’s your Guy.

  6. Riley says:

    Hey, if anyone is looking for a God driven, amazing guitarist who draws his ability and inspiration straight from the Holy Spirit, this is your man. Tommy is absolutely amazing. I am honored to be taking lessons from him, and look forward to the day I may be be good enough to jam with him, if that ever happens. He is simply the best.

    God Bless Tommy, good luck on your journey!!!

  7. Bill Fedak says:

    Tom is a GREAT guitarist! He can play any style any genre! I ought to know, I’ve been jamming with him for over 30 years. KEEP ON ROCKING!!!! Not just Christian rock.. no one’s going to hell for non-christian music.

  8. Jon Brownell says:

    I have played with this pro for about 10 years now. It doesn’t matter if he’s rippin a lead solo in “25 or 6 to 4” or strumming his acoustic on “My Heart, Your Home,” you are gonna be blessed by what you hear. He da man!!

  9. It’s not everyday that you work with someone with a level of skill that Tommy possesses, but what is even harder to find is someone with his level of passion for God, and seeing lives changed. Worship to Tommy is the call, and his ability makes him an amazing asset to any band, function or team. I am proud to work with him every chance I can!

  10. Daniel Kevin coll says:

    Tom the cat on guitar. God gave Tom a gift. It’s obvious he’s putting that gift to good use. Spent at least five years in a band with Tom and had time to share our thoughts and friendship. I think of Tom as a brother and it delights me to see Tom as an instrument of that higher power, he was always one of those musicians who could channel that energy. Anytime you want to sit down and do an original gospel tune Tom you just let me know…KC

  11. Bob Fedak says:

    Tom’s a rare talent – he melds technical expertise with feeling. His solos mean something, each note has purpose, enhancing that last and setting up the next. His song writing ability is unparalleled. The songs we composed years ago, in my opinion, still hold up today – the phrasing, the timing, the drive – I still get chills! I have the good fortunate of being his brother, friend and bandmate for life.

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